大学生责任英语作文 ,关于责任的英语作文

  《On Responsibility》

We Chinese place a high value on responsibility大学生责任英语作文 。 It is traditional deal for us Chinese to take care of our parents。

   We owe them a great deal for the love they give us while we are growing up大学生责任英语作文 。 It is right, then, when they are getting older with each passing day, we help them and see that they are well cared for。

   In this way, we give back some of the love and care they have given to us大学生责任英语作文 。

As Chinese college students, we must have a strong sense of responsibility to our country大学生责任英语作文 。

   It is our duty to keep China strong in the eyes of the world大学生责任英语作文 。 Therefore, we should study and work hard for China’s strongness which also depends on the advanced science and technology。

   We must be willing to join the Army and defend our country, would we be threatened by an invader大学生责任英语作文 。 In short, to be a responsible college student ,we must put our country’s welfare above our own needs。

Finally, we must remember that we have a responsibility to the world we live in大学生责任英语作文 。 It is important that we learn to live in peace with the other nations of the world and to protect our environment。

  If we carry out these responsibilities, we will be respected citizens of our country大学生责任英语作文 。

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  As can be seen in the picture, there are two screws in a hand in front of college graduates and tutors大学生责任英语作文 。 It is widely accepted that a screw will devote itself to whatever it is needed to do and wherever it is put。

   The idea that graduates are superior because they have received higher education should be discarded大学生责任英语作文 。

  It goes without saying that every graduate has his own choices regarding his own interests and likes大学生责任英语作文 。

   It is true that graduates will often pursue careers that are not the most ideal大学生责任英语作文 。 Even though sometimes there may be many unexpected surprises, the love to the country must be put ahead of the love for oneself。


   Chairman Mao said: “Even if we achieve gigantic successes in our work, there is no reason whatsoever to feel conceited and arrogant大学生责任英语作文 。

  ” The graduates who have mastered a lot of knowledge should lend a hand with work wherever they are needed大学生责任英语作文 。 A screw can be used as a metaphor, because it does not care about difficulties or payment。

Thus, graduates should devote themselves and contribute to the country wherever needed大学生责任英语作文 。 No matter how difficult the living and working conditions are, no matter how much they are paid, and even if they have to sacrifice themselves, they should put what they have learned in school into practice to serve the country。


  从这幅照片中,我们看到在即将毕业的大学生和老师面前,一只手高高举起两颗螺丝钉大学生责任英语作文 。众所周知,无论一颗螺丝钉被放到哪里,被用来做什么,它总是甘于奉献,无怨无悔。认为大学生获得了高等教育就高人一等的想法应该摒弃。

  毋庸讳言,每个大学生针对自己的兴趣和爱好都有自己的人生选择大学生责任英语作文 。

  可事实上,好多大学生从事的并不是他们心目中理想的职业大学生责任英语作文 。尽管有时现实捉弄于人,但对祖国的爱应高于个人的爱。毛主席曾经说过:“尽管我们在工作中取得了巨大的胜利,但也没有理由骄傲和自大。”掌握丰富知识的大学生应该放下架子,哪里需要就在哪里干。螺丝钉就是一种象征,因为它既不怕困难,又不求索取。

因此,无论哪里需要,大学生都应该勇于奉献并对国家做出贡献大学生责任英语作文 。无论生活和工作条件多么艰苦,不计收入高低,甚至牺牲自己的生命,他们都应该把在校学到的知识服务于社会。

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大学生责任英语作文 ,大学生如何培养人生价值?

  Outlook on life and value on one's growth is essential, especially for entering the University students大学生责任英语作文 。 Contemporary youth, as a subculture group, their value has two sides, on one hand, the youth youth is open, innovation, pioneer and vigorous side, it determines a nation's vitality and the vigor, means that any future a possible development prospects, is a symbol of society full of vigour and power, is the social productive forces development not exhaust fountainhead。

   College students should actively cultivate their own va害定愤剐莅溉缝税俯粳lues of life, constantly motivate ourselves, beyond the previously, struggling upward!望采纳大学生责任英语作文 。

Outlookonlifeandvalueonone'sgrowthisessential,especiallyforenteringtheUniversitystudents大学生责任英语作文 。Contemporaryyouth,asasubculturegroup,theirvaluehastwosides,ononehand,theyouthyouthisopen,innovation,pioneerandvigorousside,itdeterminesanation'svitalityandthevigor,meansthatanyfutureapossibledevelopmentprospects,isasymbolofsocietyfullofvigourandpower,isthesocialproductiveforcesdevelopmentnotexhaustfountainhead。

  Collegestudentsshouldactivelycultivatetheirownvaluesoflife,constantlymotivateourselves,beyondthepreviously,strugglingupward!望采纳大学生责任英语作文 。

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大学生责任英语作文 ,关于大学生如何安排课余时间的英语作文?

  How to Arrange Your Time at College1大学生责任英语作文 。对大学生的时间安排有两种不同的看法:有人认为大学生就该整天读书;有人认为参加体育锻炼是大学生生活的一部分。2。我的看法。(并举例说明。)3。学习和体育锻炼的关系。 People have different opinions about how students should spend their school days。

  Some people believe that students should spend the whole school daysin academic studies大学生责任英语作文 。Others say that physical exercise should be a required part of every school day。

   I personally believe each way has its advantages大学生责任英语作文 。Were it left me to decide,I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter。

  Being a student,our main task is to concentrate on our academic study大学生责任英语作文 。we should spend enough time attending classes,reading books and finishing various assignments。

  Only by working hard can we gain much from academic studies大学生责任英语作文 。But I don’t think we should spend every day,every hour and every minute studying textbooks。

  As a proverbb says,“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy大学生责任英语作文 。”Being a student,we should take part in other meaningful activities besides academic studies。

  For example,doing physical exercise is a good idea to make our life more colorful and beneficial大学生责任英语作文 。I still remember that wonderful volleyball team I was on a year ago。

  As soon as I was through with my classes in the afternoons,I would rush to the playing ground大学生责任英语作文 。Our teammates met there happily and did some warming-up exercise,then we began playing volleyball and let sweats soak our shirts。

  After a day’s hard work,how nice it was to stretch our legs and arms! Though some of people are afraid that doing physical exercise each day may distract them from their academic study,I think if we make full use of our time,we can be good at learning as well as physical exercise大学生责任英语作文 。

  Physical exercise can help us study more efficiently大学生责任英语作文 。So I suggest that students do physical exercise along with their academic studies。

  如何安排在College1您的时间大学生责任英语作文 。对大学生的时间安排有两种不同的看法:有人认为大学生就该整天读书,有人认为参加体育锻炼是大学生生活的一部分。2。我的看法。3。学习和体育锻炼的关系。人们应该如何度过自己的学生,学校days。Some不同意见的人认为,学生应该在学术studies。

  Others花全校天说,体育锻炼应该是一个必要的组成部分每所学校一天大学生责任英语作文 。我个人认为每个方式,有其advantages。Were离开我来决定,我会毫不犹豫地选择了latter。Being学生,我们的主要任务是对我们的学术study。we集中应花足够的时间上课,读书,整理各种assignments。

  Only努力工作,才能赢得学术studies大学生责任英语作文 。But很多,我不认为我们应该花每一天,每一小时,每一分钟学习textbooks。As 1 proverbb说:“所有工作不玩耍让杰克变成大傻瓜。“作为一名学生,我们应该采取的例子,除了学术studies。

  For其他有意义的活动,多做运动是个好主意,使我们的生活更加丰富多彩,beneficial大学生责任英语作文 。I还记得我美好排球队在一年ago。As当我与我的班级在下午,我赶到比赛ground。Our队友在那里遇到了一些快乐的热身运动准备活动,然后我们开始打排球,并让我们的汗水浸泡shirts。

  After一天的辛勤工作,是件多么好的事,我们伸展双腿和双臂!虽然一些人担心,这样做体育锻炼,每天可能分散注意力,他们的学术研究,我觉得如果我们在学习以及身体exercise大学生责任英语作文 。Physical行使充分利用我们的时间,我们可以很好的研究可以帮助我们更efficiently。

  So我建议连同他们的学术研究,学生做体育锻炼大学生责任英语作文 。

大学生责任英语作文 ,考研英语作文大学生话题有哪些考点?

    1大学生责任英语作文 。 考点:找工作就业,技能为王


  图画预测:一个戴着眼镜的大学生怀抱一大堆证书,但找不到工作大学生责任英语作文 。

  e大学生责任英语作文 。g。 Holding a multitude of certificates, a college student can not find a desired job。


  job-hunting, employment, employer, employee, degree, certificate, academic records, interview, experienced, lack of experience, apply sth大学生责任英语作文 。

   into practice, practical skills大学生责任英语作文 ,technician, career life

  原因一:在学校里面学习的课程很难满足社会和实际的需要大学生责任英语作文 。结果,学校里面学到的只是不能被运用于实践。

  The courses taught in college can hardly meet the social and practical demands大学生责任英语作文 。

   Consequently, the knowledge learned in school can not be applied into practice大学生责任英语作文 。

  原因二:在大学里,大家都重视学习成绩而不是工作经验的积累,这一点对他们以后的职业生涯造成了很大的负面影响大学生责任英语作文 。

  In universities, students attach great importance to the academic records rather than working experience, which has a negative influence on their future career life大学生责任英语作文 。

  2大学生责任英语作文 。 考点:找什么样的工作(面包还是理想)

  图画预测:一个大学生面前有个天枰,一边是自己喜欢的工作(并写着工资低),一边是自己不喜欢的工作(并写着工资高)大学生责任英语作文 。

  e大学生责任英语作文 。g。 Considering two positions, a desirable job with low income and an undesirable one with extremely high salary, a boy is thinking which one to choose。


  personal preference, salary, income, sustain / support one’s family, ideal, interest, favorite job, future development

  原因一:做喜欢的事情没有意义,要喜欢做你正在做的事情大学生责任英语作文 。

  It is no use doing what you like; you have to like what you do大学生责任英语作文 。

  原因二:工作的目的不仅是实现个人的梦想和报复,还要养家糊口大学生责任英语作文 。

  Working not only aims to realize one’s dream and ambition but also to sustain himself and his family大学生责任英语作文 。